Going Bananas Play Area + Cafe
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Play Area


Indoor Play

At 'Going Bananas', it's all about fun and play. It encourages children between 2 to 8 years, to explore, discover and push themselves to overcome obstacles in the play area set-up. There is a separate toddler zone for the young ones, and slides and hurdles for the mischievous ones. Puzzles and blocks are available too.


Play Time


One hour

You can opt for an hours play time for your little one, while you sit and sip on your coffee/tea in the adjoining cafe. 

Two hours

The two hour play will give your little one enough time to explore each and every part of the play area, while it gives you enough time to sip on some coffee/tea. Grab a snack and send out your emails and check your social network profiles. 



Loyalty Card


Loyalty Card with 6 sessions

If your child fancies 'Going Bananas', then this may be a great option for you. The card entitles you to six, 1 hour sessions at a cost of 2500INR. The inaugural offer also entitles you to a complimentary coffee/ tea at "Another Fine Day cafe.'

Super loyalty card with 13 sessions

The super loyalty card is for children who love play time. you get thirteen, 1 hour sessions at the play area at a cost of 5000INR. 


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